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5 care tips for Liv Outdoor garden furniture

Keeping Liv Outdoor outdoor furniture looking new and fresh is a piece of cake. For the most part, you don't really have to do anything for this, but there are certain precautions and tricks that you could keep in mind for both critical situations and long-term use.

1. Simply use a wet cloth to remove dust
It's that simple! No special tools are needed for general cleaning, including no dishwashing liquid or soap. A cloth dampened with plain water works great. The COUTUREtex material does not allow dirt or moisture to be absorbed into the fabric, allowing the feeling of deep cleaning with only surface care.

2. Remove the bird droppings (aren't we with an exemplary use of words?!) dry with a safer scraper such as bank cards, the non-cutting side of a knife, a sponge or the like
Works better than scrubbing with a wet cloth. There is no need to invent anything else, just don't wait too long with this procedure.

3. If possible, remove wine and coffee stains immediately by wiping with a cloth
The fabric retains enough liquids and does not soak into the fabric quickly. Red wine and coffee have both been tested in our own salon, and we can confirm that they also come off completely on light fabrics.

4. Cover the furniture with a cover if you are not currently using it on a daily basis
In everyday use, a furniture cover is not essential, but if the furniture is not used for a long time, on the one hand, a lot of dust accumulates on it, which is simply more work to remove with a cloth, and on the other hand, the furniture receives unnecessary UV radiation. The UV protection with which the materials have been treated is designed to withstand up to 5000 hours of UV radiation. The more you keep them in the sun, the faster they can fade. During our own 5 years of experience, however, we have not seen any particular fading on our furniture.

TEST: One of the Hug series modules in the picture below has been outside for 2 years. Can you figure out which one? Come to our salon and get the answer!

  1. 5. The life of the furniture is extended by the protection of the roof or shade
    Although we confidently recommend our outdoor furniture to anyone who does not have the option of a sitting area under the roof, without a doubt the protection of the roof is a factor that extends the life of the furniture. Take a look at our parasols and pergolas for inspiration.

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